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You can support WeekInMemes without spending a dime! Even better, when you support using either of the following channels, you get paid too!

Buy Merchandise

Now you can buy merchandise from the WeekInMemes Store On RedBubble. T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, posters and more. More designs coming soon!

BAT tips

The easiest way to support is via tips in Basic Action Token (BAT), a cryptocurrency for publishers. If you use the Brave browser, you can tip by clicking on the BAT icon on the top right corner and clicking “Send a tip”

You can download the browser here: https://brave.com/ You get BAT everytime you use the browser and watch an ad. This is available in India! You can use the BAT you earn to tip publishers you like (like WeekInMemes 😉)

We will add more avenues soon. For now, you can also spread the word using social media.

If you have any suggestion, reach out to me via email dk@weekinmemes.com