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Week 015 - Back with more memes and features

October 28, 2019 Posted under Salman Khan Dabangg 3 Bollywood Ravi Shastri cricket

Hello! I’ve been away from the blog for the last few weeks but I’m back now. If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a new homepage design and a search bar now. It’s a quick but slightly hacky implementation of elastic search. If you know a better way, hit me up ^_^.

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Coming to the memes, Salman Khan is back.

Dabangg 3 Trailer

Last week I told my friends that I would not watch the Dabangg 3 trailer but here we are…

The Dabangg 3 trailer released on Oct 23, 2019. If you guessed it would have unrealistic fight scenes, corny dialogues and Salman Khan romancing a girl 30 years younger than him, then you would have guessed absolutely right.

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Ravi Shastri napping

Ravi Shastri, head coach of the Indian Cricket team, was seen napping during the Day 3 of the match between India and South Africa at Ranchi leading to memes like:

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- DK

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