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Week 014 - Mission Mangal and Mature Bag

July 23, 2019 Posted under Mission Mangal Bollywood Akshay Kumar Mature Bag TikTok

With the World Cup, behind us, it’s been a slow week. So slow that a random TikTok video about a bag went viral.

Mission Mangal

The Akshay Kumar-starrer Mission Mangal, based on India’s Mars Orbiter Misison, is due for release on Aug 15, 2019. The trailer released on Jul 18, 2019. Watch the trailer here:

A few lines in the trailer like this dialogue by Dalip Tahil The chances of this mission succeeding is less than 1% reminded Twitter of the times they try making plans with friends

Or this one Mujhe ahbi tak nahi pata kaise karenge par karenge sir, karna hi hoga by Akshay Kumar reminding of the last day cramming before exams

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Mature Bag

On July 10, 2019, TikTok user @style_centric posted a video with recommendations on “How to look attractive” in college. One of the suggestions was to wear a “Mature Bag”.

The TikTok user is a 17-year old boy from Ahmedabad. Watch his original TikTok video:

Get your Mature Bag on Amazon because it works!

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