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Week 009 - Bharat Trailer, Sunny Deol in BJP and Depressed Daya

April 28, 2019 Posted under Salman Khan Katrina Kaif Bharat Bollywood Sunny Deol BJP Politics Daya CID

It’s almost Ramazan and that means only one thing - a Salman Khan movie is about to be released. This Eid, Salman Khan will be playing ‘Bharat’ in the movie of the same name alongside Katrina Kaif. In other news, Sunny Deol joined BJP and Daya from CID is the Desi version of Pablo Escobar Waiting meme.

Bharat Trailer

Bhai ki movie! Bhai ki movie! Bhai ki movie!

That’s all they had to say instead of making an entire trailer and everyone would have done this:

But since they went ahead and added some other dialogues, Katrina Kaif had the best one in the trailer which led to memes like this:

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Sunny Deol joins BJP

Sunny Deol was Akshay Kumar before Akshay Kumar became Akshay Kumar i.e. the de facto action hero nationalist of Bollywood. So when he joined BJP, his scenes and dialogues from movies like Gadar and Border resurfaced as memes. Like this famous handpump scene from Gadar where he goes ballistic on a crowd of Pakistanis which is now known as:

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Depressed Daya

CID memes have always been popular with some even making a career out of it cough rvcj cough. ACP Pradyuman shouting ‘Daya! Darwaza Tod Do’ before he breaks open a door or him slapping a confession out of an accused have been meme-d before. This new emo side of him is new but sometimes you can hit two birds with one stone or in Daya’s case break two doors with one shoulder.

< tweet has since been deleted >

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