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Week 008 - Student of The Year 2, TikTok Ban

April 18, 2019 Posted under Student of the Year 2 Tiger Shroff Bollywood Tiktok

With Game of Thrones taking over the meme space, there isn’t much Desi stuff happening. So a slow week this time with just the Star Kid Student of the Year 2 trailer and we say good bye to a beloved app…

Student of the Year 2 Trailer

More Karan Johar sponsored nepotism this week as the Student of The Year 2 trailer released on April 11, 2019 showing the ‘students’ doing everything other than studying like fighting, swimming, running and … having a threesome? Screw Hogwarts, I want to go to this school.

Tiger Shroff is seen flying 22 times in the 3 minute trailer (I didn’t count. One Twitter user did) which makes him a more frequent flyer than Modiji…

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Tiktok Ban

On Apr 17, 2019, the popular video sharing app TikTok was taken off Google Play and Apple’s App Store following a court order.

Here is my favorite TikTok video:

and this:

It’s just some Pakistani college guys having fun but thanks to TikTok, Kumar Sanu has got a fresh burst of popularity. I will miss the creativity and the low-cost production of videos which made them a little ‘cringeworthy’ but massively entertaining.

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