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The Pooja Misrra and Shonali Nagrani fight on Bigg Boss has come back as a viral video.

Watch the fight:

Thanks to the very friendly people on wikipedia who kept a record of every episode of Bigg Boss, we know that this happened on the Day 12 episode of Bigg Boss Season 5 (aired in 2011-12).

On Mar 27, 2019, Twitter user @intorubyjane shared the video as “Indian Bad Girls Club” on Twitter.

< Tweet has since been deleted >

Since then I can’t stop myself saying “Pooja what is this behaviour?” or “You’re asking for it! You’re dying for it” to anyone’s slightly wayward behaviour. So does this guy apparently:

Also if my child does not do this, they’re probably not my child:

Using Pooja what is this behavior as a pickup line? Bold move, Cotton.

Another user @rukhsxr_ made a thread of all of Pooja’s ‘behaviours’ like this:

< Tweet has since been deleted >

Go watch the entire thread. I have no words to describe it. There seems to be a pattern in this behaviour that might do wih some help. Like this article that talks about how residents of the building she was living in also didn’t like her behaviour.


Pooja What Is This Behaviour

Pooja What Is This Behaviour


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Shonali: Pooja what is this behaviour?
Pooja: I'm sorry I kicked it by mistake
S: You can't kick it by mistake
P: Then pick it up if it bothers you
S: No you will pick it up
P: You don't tell me what to do
S: I can tell you what to do
P: You do not tell me what to do. YOU DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!
S: Or what? Are you gonna hit me?
P: Do you want it? Coz you're asking for it. You're dying for it. Get off my back. Got it?


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