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Akshay Kumar in Kesari Trailer memes

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The trailer for Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra starrer Kesari released on Feb 20, 2019 and as is common these days, it was followed by a spate of memes. The line “Chal Jhootha” (translation: Dream on!) by Akshay Kumar became the common punchline for these memes.

Watch the trailer here:

In the trailer, at the 2:09 mark, an old man claims the opposition army will defeat the Sikh Army (led by Akshay Kumar) to which Akshay Kumar wryly replies “Chal Jhootha” (translation: Dream on!)

The common theme among all memes is of someone making a tall claim which is put down by the line “Chal Jhootha”.


Akshay Kumar in Kesari trailer Chal Jhootha

Chal Jhootha


Check out some of the popular memes on the topic:

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