Week In Memes


Week In Memes

Memes in India are everywhere. College meme groups, language-specific groups and even locality-specific groups have been quite the rage in recent years. Some prolific meme-makers are now social media stars and influencers with a following that rivals Bollywood celebrities. Brands are using memes to connect with their audience on social media.

I’ve always been fascinated by the source of memes - where do the templates come from and how are they used? While there are many resources to find this for international (specifically, American) memes, I saw a gap in this information with respect to Indian memes.

That’s how WeekInMemes started. The purpose of this site is to keep a record of all the meme templates as they are generated and used. Looking back, we would have created a repository of memes with all the information available to any curious meme enthusiast like me!

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